Redmen hockey capital campaign

The FMH has recently launched a Capital Campaign to increase the pool of our endowment fund. The donations will be earmarked to maximize scholarships and increase annual operating funds. Our program has made great strides in recent years and as alumni we have all played an important role in this process. To culminate our vision of being the best program in Canada we require these additional funds to offer prospective players the same scholarship opportunities as competing schools.

The Redmen Hockey endowment fund has been very fortunate to receive large donations such as the Molson gift that has provided us with a full-time assistant coach. Now, we are reaching out to all former Redmen players for a new goal of raising $3,000,000 to provide these scholarships in perpetuity.

The Redmen Hockey

Similar to how it took many years to build up to our goal being national champions, we realize that this campaign will take time to achieve. For this reason, we are asking for a 5 year commitment to donating to the Redmen Hockey Capital Campaign. Donations can be made by cheque to “McGill University re Redmen Hockey /capital campaign” or by credit card (See below for details).

  1. Donation info:
    Credit card payment by telephone:
    Gifts/Records: 514-398-2787
    McGill Development/ Alumni Relations
    Mention: McGill REDMEN Hockey

2. Credit card payment by internet:
Go to
Note: Under the section “My Gift” fill in the box that says
“Other” by typing in “McGill REDMEN HOCKEY”

3. Cheque:
Made to the order of “McGill University re: McGill REDMEN Hockey”
Mail to:
FMH & Coach Kelly Nobes
c/o McGill Athletics Dept.
475 Pine Ave. West.
Montreal, Quebec
H2W 1S4


When you make a donation please send us an e-mail too so that we can follow up to make
sure it gets to McGill Redmen Hockey in a timely manner and a thank-you is sent.
Go Redmen!

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